Chris Reddington

Published on Sat, Sep 3, 2016

Azure Architecture

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a number of projects relating to Azure.

The usual theme has crept up, around recommended practices, and where to go for documentation. There are a couple of great resources to be aware of:

Azure Best Practice Checklists and Guidance

  • There are a number of best practice checklists available on the website. Navigate to the Documentation Tab, and find the Best Practice subsection. You can find a number of different checklists, to use against your own solution!

Azure Cloud Design Practices Infographic

  • There is an especially good infographic available, containing 24 recommended patterns and practices from the perspectives of availability, data management, design and implementation, messaging, management and monitoring, performance and scalability, resilience and security. I actually have an A3 laminated copy of this, and is a great lookup tool!

Search the Azure Article Documentation

  • If all else fails, you could always use the documentation. But there is plenty of it! Did you know that you can navigate to, and search the documentation by a number of factors? For example, you can see below that I am looking for Best Practices relating to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates.

Hope that these quick tips have been useful - Please let me know over Twitter if you think there are any other useful pieces to call out!