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Crossposting Content: A New Project

Following on from my recent post where I discussed using for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I wanted to stick with a similar theme, but a slightly different angle or topic. This time, we'll be covering the topic of crossposting content.

May 5, 2021
How to use Managed Identity and APIM to call Azure Services from an APIM policy directly

Back in June, I wrote a blog post on API Management and how you can use API Management policies to enforce access restriction policies. I was going to write a follow up post on how to use API Management policies in additional scenarios, but it's one of those scenarios where great minds think alike!

August 17, 2021
Azure Storage Queues vs Azure Service Bus Queues - Which should I use when?

I've recently been involved in a few integration focused discussions, where there is a requirement to bring together multiple separate systems. If you've been following the Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time series, then you'll have heard Peter Piper repeat a common phrase - 'High Cohesion, Low Coupling'.

July 13, 2021

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Using Azure Arc for Apps - Part 1 - Setting up an Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes Cluster

At Microsoft //Build 2021, Microsoft announced a series of updates relating to Cloud Native Applications anywhere. In summary, those updates refer to running Azure Services (such as App Services, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Event Grid and API Management) in any Kubernetes cluster which is managed by Azure Arc. That means you could have Azure App Services running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or in your on-premises Kubernetes deployment. This is a significant update, so I’ve decided that I’ll be writing a series of blog posts on the topic - as one post would not do the topic justice!


June 1, 2021
My Microsoft //Build 2021 Highlights

If you follow the news around Microsoft, you’ve probably found it very hard to miss the fact that the Microsoft //Build conference happened this week. Microsoft //Build is their annual developer-focused conference, where they typically announce new features, updates and share their strategy as they evolve technologies. In this update, I’ll provide a summary of the announcements that particularly stood out to me and give you some context around why. Whether that’s announcements that excite me, features that I think are crucial to be adopted, etc. It’s worth noting that I’ll be focusing primarily on the Microsoft Azure Updates here, as that’s my typical area of expertise!


May 28, 2021
Making a GitHub Action with Docker and .NET Core

As I’m using GitHub Actions to deploy my site to Azure, it made sense for me to build a GitHub action that I can use within my GitHub Actions workflow to cross-post content. That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this blog post!


May 24, 2021
Azure Static Web Apps are Generally Available

Great news! Azure Static Web Apps are now Generally Available! Just to provide some reassurance, Static Web Apps are a concept that I’m fairly passionate about. You may have seen this blog post on why I think JAMStack and the cloud are a great combination. You may have seen one of my many talks on how I use Hugo, Azure Storage, Azure CDN and GitHub to easily deploy a very cheap and scalable site into Azure. But hold on, if Azure Storage is an option already - Why am I so excited about the prospect of Azure Static Web Apps? Azure Static Web Apps offer so much more than just the hosting aspect!


May 19, 2021
Thank you! Cloud with Chris has reached 500 YouTube Subscribers

I’m sat writing this blog post about 4 months after writing my 2021 kick off blog post. My aim for 2021 was to focus on one goal - contributing back into the technical community.


May 17, 2021
Building an Event-Driven workflow with Event Grid

You may have heard of Event-Driven Architectures before, but haven’t had the chance to get hands-on and build one as yet. That’s exactly what we’ll be working through in this blog post!


May 12, 2021
Azure Pipelines Tips

Recently on Twitter, I was asked by @thegraycat on whether I knew of any resources to manage pipelines in version control. I sent across several top of mind thoughts over Twitter, but it got me thinking that there may be others with the same question and it could make a good blog post. So here we are, as I talk through some of my considerations for pipelines as code.


May 10, 2021
Crossposting Content: A New Project

Following on from my recent post where I discussed using for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I wanted to stick with a similar theme, but a slightly different angle or topic. This time, we’ll be covering the topic of crossposting content.


May 5, 2021
Using for SEO optimisation

One of my recent tasks for Cloud with Chris was to investigate some additional areas for SEO optimisation. If you’re unaware, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; a set of practices to improve your ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and others when they crawl and index your site. I was already in a good position, but there were some things that were frustrating me, we’ll explore those in this blog post.


May 3, 2021