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Using the GitHub self-hosted runner and Azure Virtual Machines to login with a System Assigned Managed Identity

I recently started thinking about the typical setup process for a GitHub Action Workflow which will deploy into Azure. Typically, the process is to use the Azure/login GitHub Action, and then use the azure/cli or another Azure GitHub Action to deploy into GitHub. This is a nice approach. However, from my initial research - I wasn't able to see a way use the Azure/login GitHub Action to deploy into Azure using a System Assigned Managed Identity. This got me wondering, is this possible?

June 14, 2021
Introduction to Project Bicep - The evolution of ARM Templates

You may have heard about ARM Templates. You may have heard about Project Bicep. What are they, how do they differ? Why would I use one over the other? That's exactly what we'll be exploring throughout this blog post!

June 18, 2021
Introducing the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF)

Inspired by the recent episode with Annie Talvasto, I wanted to put together a blog post that will introduce an ongoing series on Cloud With Chris. Before we introduce that series though, it's important that we first introduce the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (more commonly known as CNCF).

July 5, 2021

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Building Solutions in the Cloud

By now, we should be aware of the benefits that the cloud can bring to any individual or organisaton. There are plenty of case studies, talking about the scalable, flexible and economic benefits. Companies see the cloud as a differentiator, and utilise it to disrupt and innovate in their respective markets. Gartner predicts that in 2016 the total public cloud market is due to increase by 16%. But, Chris - You’re starting a blog about technology. Why are you talking to me about customer case studies and market fact? Why? Context.


August 4, 2016
System.out.println('Hello World');

Surely, a Hello World post is a right of passage for technical bloggers?


July 4, 2016