40 - Failed lawyer stumbles into tech - Agile from the trenches

40 - Failed lawyer stumbles into tech - Agile from the trenches

June 25, 2021

In this session Erin and Chris reminisce, talking about how they met and Erin’s journey into Technology. Erin talks a little bit about what Agile is, how it works in the real world, and shares some stories and anecdotes she’s seen as an Agile Coach in the trenches.

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8 - Azure Security

In this episode, we get back to a requirements based topic, and an area that will significantly impact the design of our resulting solution architecture. That topic is security! It’s one of the hot topics that organisations want to discuss when moving to the cloud. So I’m pleased to be joined in this episode by another colleague, Andrew Nathan, who has a wealth of knowledge in the cyber security space.


June 7, 2020
Introduction to Project Bicep - The evolution of ARM Templates

You may have heard about ARM Templates. You may have heard about Project Bicep. What are they, how do they differ? Why would I use one over the other? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring throughout this blog post!


June 18, 2021
Azure & VMWare - A Discussion with Shannon Kuehn

In this session, Chris is joined by Shannon Kuehn, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. In this Livestream, they talk all about, Azure and VMWare and what this combination means for your cloud deployments!


June 16, 2021
Static Web Apps in Azure | DEVREAL.io

We often hear about Kubernetes, App Services, VMs and more. What about static sites? The Static Content Hosting pattern can be cost-effective, and when combined with a CDN can be incredibly performant! We will get hands-on, showing how these resources come together into a Cloud Architecture.


June 9, 2021