Tales from the Real World - Architecting the Transformation

Tales from the Real World - Architecting the Transformation

September 10, 2021

Most organizations engaged in transformation today are moving from left to right in digitally-driven maturity models. The objectives are well known: increase agility, boost productivity, and provide seamless digital experiences for consumers. Architects play a pivotal role as the curators of this transformation. In this session, Asanka will share his experience on how architects can contribute and introduce a framework to follow on refactoring enterprises.

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Discussing the Cloud with Chris Integration Platform

In this session, Chris is joined by Karl Cooke, Blogger at https://irishtechie.com. Chris and Karl talk all about the CloudWithChris.com integration platform, and the numerous automation/integration activities that Chris has in place to save time and focus on building content!


August 19, 2021
8 - Azure Security

In this episode, we get back to a requirements based topic, and an area that will significantly impact the design of our resulting solution architecture. That topic is security! It’s one of the hot topics that organisations want to discuss when moving to the cloud. So I’m pleased to be joined in this episode by another colleague, Andrew Nathan, who has a wealth of knowledge in the cyber security space.


June 7, 2020
CGN7 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 7 - Game Streaming and Cloud-Powered Gaming

In this session, Chris is once again joined by Lee Williams. Chris and Lee talk through industry trends around Game Streaming (i.e. streaming games to your device, rather than livestreaming what you’re playing to others), and the opportunities this brings to game creators and consumers.


September 1, 2021
How GitHub can help in planning, building and deploying a Podcast/Blog site

Chris is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. He’ll explore how GitHub Actions can be used to deploy your own static sites (or other apps!) to Azure.


August 26, 2021