Beyond Monitoring: The Rise of Observability Platform

Beyond Monitoring: The Rise of Observability Platform

October 18, 2022

System availability and performance are not stand-alone goals hence non-availability and under-performance of applications and systems in IT landscape will negatively affect user experience and customer satisfaction causing revenue losses for organizations.

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Policy as [versioned] code - you're doing it wrong

In this talk Chris will trace back the origins of how policies are often incepted, how it can get out of hand, be slow if not impossible to update and measure compliance, and often lead us to question of is the policy helping or hindering? You’ll learn how to use product ways of thinking towards how your organization can manage policy; achieve continual updates to policy allowing the risk mitigations to move as fast as the risk does, not get in the way and be easy to measure compliance.


September 15, 2022
Tools of a Software Architecture for Everyone!

Architecture is something for the whole development team, not just architects. In this episode, Chris is joined by John Kilminster, who shares his Tips & Tricks on a wide variety of architecture tools, including C4 Diagrams, Docs as Code, Architecture Design Records, Tech Radars and Backstage. Plenty to learn and apply to your day-to-day in this episode!


September 8, 2022
Microservices have communication issues, especially when they fail

Communication between entities has been a long lasting topic in Software engineering. IPC, Message brokers, Queues are only few of the main actors in this drama. In this episode, Chris is joined by Francesco who will cover a couple of Microservices communication patterns and give a deep dive into the Saga pattern to resolve multi-step transaction flows.


September 1, 2022
Building Serverless Cloud-Native applications with Azure Container Apps

Technology is always evolving. We’ve seen physical machines turn into virtual. Virtual machines turn into containers. But often, those containers need an orchestrator like Kubernetes to reap the full benefits. What if there was a simpler option? Join Tighe and Chris as they introduce you to Azure Container Apps (Preview), Dapr and Keda - Helping you get started on your serverless cloud native journey.


May 19, 2022