34 - The Bulkhead Pattern (Isolate your components to prevent failures)

34 - The Bulkhead Pattern (Isolate your components to prevent failures)

April 9, 2021

Do you know what caused the Titanic to sink? Poorly designed bulkheads. How can you ensure resilience between components in your cloud application? Effectively designed bulkheads! In this session, join Chris as he explores how the bulkhead pattern can help you prevent excessive load or failures in one service impacting the consumers of that service!

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33 - External Config and Claim Check Pattern - Easier Management and Externalising Payloads

How often do you think about the configuration of your applications across environments/regions/deployment boundaries? What if that configuration was stored somewhere externally but centralised, to make management easier? That’s the idea behind the external config pattern! How about another scenario - What about those times where you’ve wanted to use a messaging service, but your payload is too big? Thought about externalising that payload too? Well, that’s the Claim-check pattern! Join Peter and Chris as they talk about both of these patterns in this episode of Cloud with Chris!


April 2, 2021
29 - The Sidecar and Ambassador Patterns

Have a need to update a legacy application to use cloud concepts such as retry, circuit breaker or other features? Then the ambassador or sidecar patterns may be for you! Join Peter and Chris as they continue their journey exploring Cloud Design Patterns. In this session, they discuss the Sidecar and Ambassador Patterns.


March 5, 2021
26 - The Pub Sub, Priority Queue and Pipes and Filter Patterns

Ever wondered how complex integration systems / enterprise messaging works? Curious about whether there’s a way to bypass and prioritise certain messages? Then join this episode as Chris Reddington and Will Eastbury explore the Priority Queue and Pipes and Filter patterns. Spoiler - These aren’t new cloud design patterns, and are well known patterns in the messaging world!


February 12, 2021
23 - Gatekeeper and Valet Key Patterns - Secure your APIs and Resources

You may have joined Peter and Chris in some of their previous episodes such as the API Economy, The Backends for Frontends & Strangler Pattern, or The Anti-Corruption Layer, Gateway Aggregation and Gateway Routing patterns. They’ll will be continuing our journey talking about API Cloud Design Patterns, as they talk about the Gatekeeper and Valet Key Patterns in this episode of Cloud with Chris. This is another episode in the series of Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time.


January 22, 2021