Cloud Drops - Building an Event-Driven workflow with Event Grid

Cloud Drops - Building an Event-Driven workflow with Event Grid

May 15, 2021

Have you heard about Azure Event Grid, but not exactly sure what it is or how you could use it? In this Cloud Drop, we’ll create an event-driven process using Azure Event Grid, Azure Storage Queues and Azure Functions. Get ready to learn all about Event-Driven workflows, Event-Handlers, Topics, Subscriptions and more!

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Building an Event-Driven workflow with Event Grid

You may have heard of Event-Driven Architectures before, but haven’t had the chance to get hands-on and build one as yet. That’s exactly what we’ll be working through in this blog post!


May 12, 2021
Cloud Drops - Beginners guide to PowerShell in Azure Functions

Serverless computing is a cloud computing code execution model in which the cloud provider fully manages the infrastructure needed to serve requests. In this session, we will explain why and how we should use Azure Functions and PowerShell together, and we will show you how to deploy a PowerShell based Function. In some live demos, we will explain how to create a Function and execute some cool PowerShell code!


May 6, 2021
9 - Building smart Integration Solutions with Microsoft Azure

When we think about cloud, we typically think about distributed systems and somehow bringing those different components or systems together, so integrating them. But what are the common practices, or common challenges? You’ve probably heard of serverless, how does that fit into things? Well, I’m pleased to be joined by Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan, Product Consultant of Serverless360 at So, without further ado - let’s go ahead and jump straight in.


August 2, 2020
Introducing Logic Apps Preview

Following hot off the heels of my recent blog post introducing Logic Apps and how I use the technology on, I thought it made sense for the second post to continue the Logic Apps theme. This time, we’ll be focusing on Logic Apps preview (sometimes referred to as Logic Apps v2) - the evolution of Logic Apps. Typically when you deploy Logic Apps, you deploy it as a multi-tenanted service. There are some benefits to that, including the serverless capability, so being able to pay per execution rather than an overall infrastructure cost. But what if cost is less of a requirement for you? What if you care more about portability, greater performance, and ultimately control over your environment? If those are more along the lines of your requirements, then you may want to investigate the Logic Apps preview The Logic Apps preview builds upon the Azure Functions extensibility model. Yes, you read that right - Azure Logic Apps is effectively building on top of Azure Functions. Why should you care? Anywhere that Azure Functions can run, then Logic Apps can run.


April 28, 2021