Cloud Drops - Introduction to GitHub Codespaces

Cloud Drops - Introduction to GitHub Codespaces

March 16, 2021

Have you ever had to setup a development environment from scratch? You have to install a ton of dependencies, probably a few tools along the way as well. It’s not fun, it takes a lot of time and it prevents you from being productive. This is where GitHub Codespaces comes in.

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GitHub Codespaces, Visual Studio Code and Remote Containers

Imagine the scenario. You’re a developer and you need to go and build some code. You need to install a number of dependencies, a code editor and perhaps a number of frameworks, only to find the code still doesn’t compile on your machine. Probably because you’re missing some frameworks or libraries. We’ve all been there. But perhaps, we don’t have to be there. Stick around in this episode as we talk about Visual Studio Code, The Remote Containers Extension and GitHub Codespaces and how all of these can help solve that challenge.


January 8, 2021
V002 - Weekly Technology Vlog #2 (Show Updates, Azure Updates,

In this video, Chris lays out his second weekly technology vlog update talking about updates on Cloud With Chris (Weekly Vlogs, Blogs, Podcast Series episodes, Sessionize), Azure Updates, Community Updates (John Lunn aka JonnyChipz, Sarah Lean aka TechieLass, and Richard Hooper aka PixelRobots).


January 11, 2021
#LeedsAzure - vMeetup #9 - How GitHub Actions can help in building and deploying a static site and more

Chris is a Senior FastTrack for Azure engineer at Microsoft and is the producer and host of his podcast He uses GitHub to version control the site’s source code, GitHub Actions to build and deploy the site to Azure and other clouds, and GitHub Issues/Boards to plan the episode backlog. In this session, we’ll explore how GitHub can be used to deploy your own Podcast/Blog site using Static Site Generators such as Hugo onto Azure.


April 21, 2021
V001 - Weekly Technology Vlog #1 (Blog, Hugo, Azure, GitHub & Azure DevOps)

In this video, Chris sets off his weekly technology vlog updates talking about some of the things he worked on over his December break including OSS Contributions. He also talks through some updates from the month of December across Azure, GitHub and Azure DevOps.


January 4, 2021