43 - A Decentralized Reference Architecture for Cloud-native Applications

43 - A Decentralized Reference Architecture for Cloud-native Applications

August 20, 2021

In this talk, Asanka will introduce the ‘cell-based’ reference architecture, which is decentralized, API-centric, cloud-native and microservices friendly. He will explain the role of APIs in the cell-based approach, as well as examine how real applications are built as cells. Asanka will explore the metrics and approaches that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the architecture and explore how organizations can implement the cell approach.

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5 - The API Economy

Let’s introduce the next episode -We have another guest! We’re starting to bring a few of those previous topics together in this episode. We touch upon requirements, DevOps, and building applications - or rather APIs - in the cloud. In this episode, I talk with a colleague and friend, Peter Piper, on factors that relate and impact API design. So, without further ado… here we go!


April 25, 2020
How to use Managed Identity and APIM to call Azure Services from an APIM policy directly

Back in June, I wrote a blog post on API Management and how you can use API Management policies to enforce access restriction policies. I was going to write a follow up post on how to use API Management policies in additional scenarios, but it’s one of those scenarios where great minds think alike!


August 17, 2021
Why you should be using Azure Security Center

Whether you’re brand new to Azure or have been using it for some time, you have likely either heard of - or come across - Azure Security Center. It’s a service which can prove extremely valuable in baselining, measuring and improving your security posture. But, did you know there is additional functionality beyond the free tier? You may have previously known this as the standard tier, or now know this as Azure Defender, where you can opt in for those Azure Services that you particularly want to protect.


August 16, 2021
How to be successful with monitoring in Azure

In this session, Chris is joined by Vanessa Bruwer - Senior Engineer on the FastTrack for Azure team. Vanessa talks how the FastTrack for Azure team deliver monitoring sessions; teaching customers to fish, taking them from knowing nothing about Azure Monitor to being able to configure monitoring for any service in a few focussed sessions. Ready to go from Zero to Hero on Azure Monitor? Then come along and join us!


August 4, 2021