Tales from the Real World on DevOps

Tales from the Real World on DevOps

September 17, 2021

Listen in to this session as Chris is joined by Thomas Thornton, as they talk about DevOps in real-world scenarios.

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Shift Left and Increase your Code Quality with Azure DevOps Branch Policies

This post is similar to another I recently wrote on using Branch Protection Rules in GitHub. Instead of focusing on GitHub, we’ll be looking at how you can use Branch Policies in Azure DevOps (specifically, Azure Repos). If you’re using Azure Repos, but not using Branch Policies - I’d encourage you to start using them! I hope this post helps you learn how!


September 9, 2021
Tales from the Real World - Leveraging Azure as a Telco provider

In this session Chris is joined by Ivo who will explain how Telco providers are leveraging Azure to offer services to their customers. He will explain how they transform and what the future will be. He will also cover the benefits and struggles that they faced on the way.


September 3, 2021
CGN7 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 7 - Game Streaming and Cloud-Powered Gaming

In this session, Chris is once again joined by Lee Williams. Chris and Lee talk through industry trends around Game Streaming (i.e. streaming games to your device, rather than livestreaming what you’re playing to others), and the opportunities this brings to game creators and consumers.


September 1, 2021
Shift Left and Increase your Code Quality with GitHub Branch Protection Rules

If you’re using GitHub as your source control provider, then I’d encourage you to using Branch Protection Rules if you’re not already doing so! In this blog post, we’ll cover what Branch Protection Rules are and how they can increase your code quality.


August 30, 2021