Microservices have communication issues, especially when they fail

Microservices have communication issues, especially when they fail

September 1, 2022

Communication between entities has been a long lasting topic in Software engineering. IPC, Message brokers, Queues are only few of the main actors in this drama. In this episode, Chris is joined by Francesco who will cover a couple of Microservices communication patterns and give a deep dive into the Saga pattern to resolve multi-step transaction flows.

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Deploying a multi-region Serverless API Layer (Part 1)

In my spare time, I work on a pet project called Theatreers. The aim of this is a microservice based platform focused on Theatre / Musical Theatre (bringing a few of my passion areas together). I’ve recently re-architected the project to align to a multi-region serverless technology stack.


July 13, 2019
Building Serverless Cloud-Native applications with Azure Container Apps

Technology is always evolving. We’ve seen physical machines turn into virtual. Virtual machines turn into containers. But often, those containers need an orchestrator like Kubernetes to reap the full benefits. What if there was a simpler option? Join Tighe and Chris as they introduce you to Azure Container Apps (Preview), Dapr and Keda - Helping you get started on your serverless cloud native journey.


May 19, 2022
Enqueue and Dequeue messages locally with dapr, Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage Queues

In a previous blog post, I provided an overview of the Distributed Application Runtime (dapr) and explained how it is a useful framework when building microservices. In this blog post, I will show you how to use dapr to enqueue and dequeue messages locally with Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage Queues.


April 26, 2022
CGN8 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 8 - Azure for Game Developers

In this session, Chris is joined by LaBrina Loving who leads Developer Advocacy for Game Developers at Microsoft who will share her journey as a .Net Developer working in enterprise into the world of gaming. We will cover some of the key challenges that game developers of all sizes face and how cloud can help.


October 6, 2021