ToolUp Tuesday - #1

ToolUp Tuesday - #1

February 8, 2022

ToolUp Tuesday is all about showing the thought process and decisions made when creating an application. Join Chris and Matt as they build a new application from the ground up, including development processes, tooling, service choices and architectural decisions!

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V002 - Weekly Technology Vlog #2 (Show Updates, Azure Updates,

In this video, Chris lays out his second weekly technology vlog update talking about updates on Cloud With Chris (Weekly Vlogs, Blogs, Podcast Series episodes, Sessionize), Azure Updates, Community Updates (John Lunn aka JonnyChipz, Sarah Lean aka TechieLass, and Richard Hooper aka PixelRobots).


January 11, 2021
GitHub Codespaces, Visual Studio Code and Remote Containers

Imagine the scenario. You’re a developer and you need to go and build some code. You need to install a number of dependencies, a code editor and perhaps a number of frameworks, only to find the code still doesn’t compile on your machine. Probably because you’re missing some frameworks or libraries. We’ve all been there. But perhaps, we don’t have to be there. Stick around in this episode as we talk about Visual Studio Code, The Remote Containers Extension and GitHub Codespaces and how all of these can help solve that challenge.


January 8, 2021
Tech Roundup - January 2022

Overwhelmed at keeping up to date with Azure? Or how about keeping a pulse on the Latest GitHub news, Azure DevOps and more? In this episode, Chris provides a summary of updates on the latest Azure DevOps News, GitHub updates and new announcements in Azure. And if that wasn’t enough, he also gives a roundup of the latest on Cloud With Chris - including episodes, blog posts, open source projects and community work! Let Chris do the hard work keeping you on top of everything! Grab some snacks. Grab a drink. Come along and tune in for a relaxed and informative learning session!


January 30, 2022
Shift Left and Increase your Code Quality with GitHub Branch Protection Rules

If you’re using GitHub as your source control provider, then I’d encourage you to using Branch Protection Rules if you’re not already doing so! In this blog post, we’ll cover what Branch Protection Rules are and how they can increase your code quality.


August 30, 2021