V015 - Weekly Technology Vlog #15

V015 - Weekly Technology Vlog #15

April 12, 2021

Welcome to weekly Vlog #15! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris!

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V014 - Tech Roundup #14 Azure, DevOps & GitHub Blogs, Azure Updates & New CloudWithChris content

In this livestream, Chris covers the latest and greatest in the Azure, Azure DevOps & GitHub world, as well as the latest and upcoming content releases on Cloud with Chris!


April 4, 2021
V013 - Weekly Technology Vlog #13 (Lots of Azure, DevOps & GitHub) Blogs, Quick-fire Azure Updates

In this video, Chris provides an update on the Azure Blogs (lots of great updates this week), a quick-fire round of Azure Technology Updates, dives into the Azure DevOps Blog and GitHub Blogs. Then we cover a VERY busy week of Cloud with Chris over the last week, and what’s coming up talk-wise over April (It’s looking to be a packed month!)


March 28, 2021
V012 - Weekly Technology Vlog #12 (Busy week, and quite a few blog posts to cover!)

This marks 3 months of the weekly vlogging! Chris talks about last week’s very busy week (New content/talks every single day!). A new Cloud Drop episode on GitHub Codespaces, Part 4 of using GPG Keys to sign your Git Commits & GitHub, Welsh #Azure User Group and Using #Terraform #Cloud with Azure. As well as a series of #Azure Blogs, #Azure Updates, #DevOps Blog Updates and #GitHub Updates.


March 22, 2021
V011 - Weekly Technology Vlog #11

Almost 3 months of vlogging! Chris talks about his recent episodes, and upcoming content. This upcoming week is full of DevOps, with the completion of the GitHub, Git and GPG Key series. On Friday, he’ll be releasing an episode on using Terraform Cloud to deploy to #Azure. Lots of great community goodness this week, including an Azure Thames Valley meetup on Tuesday, and lightning talks at the Welsh Azure User Group on Thursday. All that, before we even start thinking about the Azure Blog/Updates, Azure DevOps Blog and GitHub Blog! Time to tune in and get up to date.


March 15, 2021