V022 - Weekly Technology Vlog #22

V022 - Weekly Technology Vlog #22

May 30, 2021

Welcome to weekly Vlog #22! We’ll be covering all of the latest from Microsoft Build!

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Tales from the real world with Matt Bradley

In this episode, Chris is joined by Matt Bradley! Matt helped start the Public Cloud Division at UKFast. While UKFast works with both AWS and Azure, Matt’s focus is on the Azure side, dealing with architecting and building solutions. Matt has delivered several talks within the community, including ‘The Azure Storage Minefield’. Join Chris and Matt as they talk through some of Matt’s learnings along the way and observations as he has been on his own journey with Azure and public Cloud!


May 28, 2021
V021 - Weekly Technology Vlog #21

In this video, chris provides another update on Cloud with Chris, updates on what’s coming soon and Azure related news!


May 23, 2021
V020 - Weekly Technology Vlog #20

Welcome to weekly Vlog #20! This one will start off focusing on Cloud with Chris, and a big thank you! Thank you for all of your support. It’s allowed me to hit my 2021 goal of 500 subscribers way ahead of schedule. We’ll be covering Cloud with Chris, and then the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps and GitHub!


May 16, 2021
V019 - Weekly Technology Vlog #19

Welcome to weekly Vlog #19! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris!


May 9, 2021