Chris Reddington

Chris Reddington
Welsh Tech Geek, Cloud Advocate, Musical Theatre Enthusiast and Improving Improviser!

Chris is currently a Senior Engineer on Microsoft's FastTrack for Azure team.

By day, he works with stakeholders in startups and enterprises from developers and system admins through to Heads of Division and CTOs on accelerating their journey to the cloud, while actively listening and working with the Azure Engineering teams to further improve the Azure Platform. His primrary tecnical areas of focus are Cloud Architecture, Cloud Native Solutions (including Kubernetes) and DevOps tooling and principals.

Chris has presented at several internal and external events including Microsoft Tech Ready, Microsoft Ignite and several Microsoft Tech Summit events.

Speaking at a Microsoft Tech Summit event

Chris is no stranger to speaking in podcasts or recording videos for YouTube, as he has also collaborated on a YouTube series called Azure Mythbusters, with the intent of busting common myths about the cloud.

Azure Mythbusters: You don’t need requirements in the Cloud… Or do you?

Azure Mythbusters: Azure is Magical! Management in the cloud compared with on-premises

Azure Mythbusters: Cloud is expensive

Azure Mythbusters: Cloud is new, so there are no clear archietcture patterns

Azure Mythbusters: I can choose any Azure Compute Service to solve any problem

By night, Chris is a Musical Theatre Enthusiast. He has sat as committee member for Reading Operatic Society and also performed in a number of recent productions, including;

  • Judas in Godspell at The Kenton Theatre with Reading Operatic Society
  • The Bartender (himself) in Closing Time at The Oakwood Centre with Reading Operatic Society
  • Stevens in Dogfight at The Oakwood Centre with The Hear My Voice Project
  • Bert Healy in Annie at The Kenton Theatre with Reading Operatic Society
  • Annas in Jesus Christ Superstar at Progress Theatre with Progress Theatre
  • Jamie in My Fair Lady at The Hexagon with Reading Operatic Society
Godspell (All for the best)
Bert Healy in Annie
Annas (left) in Jesus Chirst Superstar

Photo Credit - Godspell and Annie Photos credit to Mike Gribble. Jesus Christ Superstar photo credit to Richard Brown.

Chris is trying his hand at a new skill, improv! He has recently attended an intensive workshop with The Showstoppers, and is continuing to refine his skills with What's the game Improv! His vision is to merge the two areas together, and form a Musical Improv group in Reading, called Theatreers - though this is a work in progress!

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