Exploring Cloud concepts with Chris Reddington (Welsh Tech Geek, Cloud Advocate, Musical Theatre Enthusiast and Improving Improviser!). We will regularly invite guests to talk about their experiences with the cloud and hear about some of the lessons learned around their cloud journey. Cloud with Chris is a community-driven personal podcast. Content from episodes do not represent the views of any company or organisation.

Chris Reddington

Chris Reddington

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In this video, Chris updates on Cloud With Chris from the last week, and how you can keep up to date with all the upcoming content (Spoiler: It's growing, including the talks outside of the channel!). Are you in the Thames Valley area, or even further afield? Then you may want to tune in to find out more about Azure Thames Valley and our upcoming sessions. And just for good measure, we do some Azure, Azure DevOps and GitHub updates as well! Read More

You may have heard of patterns like the retry pattern, circuit breaker, CQRS or bulkhead. But have you heard about the Geode pattern? Join Chris and Will Eastbury in this session as they talk through how this pattern can help improve latency and increase availability for your application.

Have you tried Flight Simulator 2020 and been impressed by how well it maps to the real world? Joined other users in the simulator on a journey and encountered other ‘live’ aircrafts, or changing weather conditions? This is powered by the Cloud! Join Chris and Cam as they embark on a journey of discovery, and a quick lap around the skies…

In this episode, we'll be taking a look at GitHub Issues and GitHub Discussions which recently came out at GitHub Universe. Interested? Then stick around as we find out more about both of these topics!

In this episode, we're going to be taking a slight detour away from GitHub actions and focus on some of the announcements from GitHub universe last week. We're going to explore them both from the announcements, and also take a look at some of those features that have already been released. Stay tuned!

How are you thinking about handling load on your application, scaling out perhaps? But what about if you're building a multi-tenant service and worried about safeguarding resources on a per tenant basis? What happens if there's a temporary blip, and there are issues that impact the stability of the application? Then tune in to this episode where Chris is joined by John Downs, talking about the Throttling, Retry and Circuit Breaker Patterns. This is another episode in the series of Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time.

You have your .NET Core code. You have your application infrastructure ready. Now, it's time for us to deploy that application to Azure using GitHub Actions!

Have an application that you want to deploy to Azure in an automated way? Well, before we deploy the application code, we need some Azure Infrastructure for it to run on. In this video, we have you covered on how to deploy that infrastructure!

Want to find out more about how GitHub Actions work? How about the Azure Actions that you might use in your first deployments in the platform? Then stick around, because this video is the one for you!

Want to automate your application deployments into Azure? Heard about Git, GitHub or GitHub actions want to find out more? I'm starting a new series on how you can use GitHub Actions to deploy your applications into Azure! Interested? Then stick around to find out more.