Daniel Scheufler

Daniel Scheufler

Daniel is a Senior Consultant with Improving Houston. He has developed software for Oil and Gas, Tele-medicine, ECommerce, and recently Legal Services clients. He is particularly intrigued by the communication aspects of his work. It is a common gag in Industry that Developers don’t speak the same language as ‘normals’. Daniel intends to bridge that gap. He is eager to share what he’s learned on his blog: daniel.scheufler.io.

Daniel explains how Software Engineers are Translators, that QAs are the Developers best friend, or even that Code is read more often than it is written sounds interesting, check it out. Happy Hunting!

Past Episodes

Code is Read

What separates the highly-skilled developer from the one fresh out of college? Why is it that some developer’s code is far easier to maintain and others are nearly impossible to decipher? Both boil down fundamentally to whether you can easily understand the ideas and intent conveyed in their code. So what makes for easily understood code? There are some communication principles we can apply to our code to make it cheaper to change, and faster to understand. After all Code is read more often than it is written. It ought to be easy to read!


August 11, 2022