Facundo La Rocca

Facundo La Rocca

I started coding in C# and using Microsoft’s technologies when I was 17. Since then I have been working with Microsoft’s stack and I love it. In the last almost four years, I have been digging into Distributing Computing, and particularly into Cloud ecosystems, a matter I am passionate about. I am actually working part of the time with Azure stack and part with Google Cloud stack, which helped me understand Azure is by far the best Cloud provider available.

Past Episodes

Tales from the Real World - Azure AD B2C: A real silver bullet

Due to COVID-19, vOpen.Tech had to move so quickly from being a physical event to a virtual one. That meant that collecting registrations and user info as well as registering users had to be done online. Azure AD B2C was the silver bullet that allowed us to overcome and succeed, with almost no code and in less that 15 days! In this session we will see how easy, fast and cheap we can have a production-ready, fully scalable, robust and secure IAM PaaS system with Azure AD B2C.


August 6, 2021