Fletcher Kelly

Fletcher Kelly

Fletcher is a senior engineer within the FastTrack for Azure team. He is a passionate cloud advocate and pretty much loves everything around the cloud and all of its supporting technologies. Looking to share his experiences with a larger community as well as learn from the community. You can’t take and not give back. He has many other passions apart from cloud and technology, these include scuba, motorbikes, home automation and travelling with his amazing and very patient wife.

Past Episodes

7 - Creating Cloud with Chris

We’re going to go in a little bit of a different direction for this episode, and focus on the podcast itself and my podcast journey so far! Not only is this episode topic slightly different, we’re running a different format as well! In this episode, I’m joined by my colleague, Fletcher Kelly - who is exploring the idea of setting up his own podcast! Instead of me being the interviewer, I’m the one who ends up in the hot seat and talk about my experience so far of setting up Cloud with Chris! Hopefully this will give you a little bit of an idea of my journey so far, and why I wanted to set the podcast up as well! So, let’s go ahead and start the episode…


May 24, 2020