Jonah Andersson

Jonah Andersson

Jonah Andersson is a Filipina-Swedish Software Developer at Forefront Consulting, Sweden. She studied Computer Science and System Development in .NET and Java which makes her very passionate about tech.

Jonah likes solving challenging complex problems, programming backend and has great interest in developing applications in .NET with new cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure. She likes continuous learning, connect with other developers, share her technical knowledge at her workplace and by public speaking. Jonah wants to make difference by advocating gender equality, diversity and inclusion in tech. A mentor young women to choose a career in tech.

Past Episodes

Things to Consider Before Migrating Old .NET Applications to Cloud

Jonah Andersson shares her past experience and important lessons learned about migrating and developing old .NET applications to the Azure cloud. Find out how that project turn into a fiasco not because of Azure but of other factors. Never make the same mistakes.


March 17, 2022