Kay Sauter

Kay Sauter

Kay has been working with data for more than 10 years. He is passionate about SQL Server, Azure and Data Visualization. Besides T-SQL, he likes to program in PowerShell and Python. Since 2019, he works as a Senior BI Consultant for OneDigit AG, consulting mainly swiss banking and insurance firms. He lives in Zurich, Switzerland and is an avid traveler.

Past Episodes

Why closed captions in your public speaking may make a difference

People with hearing impairments are often overlooked, yet they are actually in greater numbers most people believe. In this talk, I’ll give insight to those people. I know this of my own experience since I am deaf user with Cochlear Implants which gives me a hearing back, but it is not a full hearing as you might hope for. I also can give some insights for other people who are less impaired because I’ve am a co-founder of two national associations in Switzerland.


August 25, 2021