Laszlo Fogas

Laszlo Fogas

Laszlo is the founder of, a 100% open-source gitops based developer platform.

Prior to that, Laszlo spent 5 years consulting, and building dev platforms on Kubernetes for mid-sized SaaS businesses of the Nordics region.

Past Episodes

ClickOps over GitOps

The delta between Kubernetes and a developer friendly PaaS is where the next layer of value is being created today. Many products are racing to fill the void that is called Kubernetes developer experience. This is also the place where things get opinionated, a requirement for reliable end to end workflows. In this talk you will learn about’s approach on how Kubernetes UIs can be quick to use, and safe at the same time. In this talk you will see how you can create a developer platform - with the usual components Cert-Manager, Nginx Ingress etc - and deploy on it with only clicking on a dashboard. You will also see that behind the curtains, all Gimlet does is writing yamls into a git repository. ClickOps.. over GitOps.


October 27, 2022