15 - The Sharding and Index Table Patterns

Posted on Friday, Nov 13, 2020
Starting to think about the data layer of your application, and concerned about scalability of your solution? Or have some form of application that needs to have segragation of data, perhaps customers with requirements to have their data in a particular geography? Then the first part of the session may be for you, focused on the Sharding pattern! But what about if you're using a data store which doesn't support secondary indexes? Won't you be limited on the efficiency and types of queries that you can run across your data? Then this is where you may be interested in the Index Table Pattern. Listen in to this session where Chris Reddington is joined by Steph Martin, talking about both of these patterns. This is another episode in the series of Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time.

Show Notes

Transcript coming soon!


Steph Martin

Steph Martin

Steph Martin is a Senior Customer Engineer in the FastTrack for Azure team at Microsoft. She has a background in SQL Server database design and development and extensive knowledge of SSIS and ETL patterns and practices. She has a wide experience of the Azure data services, specialising in Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance, and ADF.

Steph is an active member of the data platform community running a PASS affiliated Meetup in the UK, and helping to co-ordinate the volunteer team at SQLBits.


Chris Reddington

Chris Reddington

Welsh Tech Geek, Cloud Advocate, Musical Theatre Enthusiast and Improving Improviser!

Chris is currently a Senior Engineer on Microsoft's FastTrack for Azure team.