Using RegEx and VSCode's Find/Replace capability to add captions to markdown images

If there’s an easy way to achieve something, then I’m all for it! You may have noticed that I’ve been putting a lot of effort into refactoring my site and open sourcing the original Cloud With Chris theme. I’ve now released that as the Hugo Creator theme for Hugo. As part of the refactoring process into a reusable theme, I had to make several breaking changes. This meant that I’d need to update the contents of my site. I want to share a quick tip that I discovered to add captions to my images in markdown.


February 5, 2022
Why closed captions in your public speaking may make a difference

People with hearing impairments are often overlooked, yet they are actually in greater numbers most people believe. In this talk, I’ll give insight to those people. I know this of my own experience since I am deaf user with Cochlear Implants which gives me a hearing back, but it is not a full hearing as you might hope for. I also can give some insights for other people who are less impaired because I’ve am a co-founder of two national associations in Switzerland.


August 25, 2021
Making more accessible

I’ve recently been on a journey. I’ve recently come across a number of accessibility issues on I’ve been working on making the site more accessible, and I’ve also been working on making it more inclusive. In this blog post, I’m going to outline some of my findings, the tools that I used to identify those, and how I’ve worked to fix them. This is an ongoing project, so I’ll provide further posts as it makes sense.


July 16, 2021