App Development

Interfaces in Go

In this post, I’ll be talking about how to use interfaces in Go. This is a continuation of my learning using the Go language. I’ll use interfaces to create an application that interacts with several types of bank accounts.


May 16, 2022
Using GitHub Actions to summarise your Go tests

GitHub recently posted about a new GitHub Action that can be used to summarise your test results. The action is called test-summary/action, available at There are several examples on how to use the action at However, there were no examples on how to use this with Go. I contributed a pull request which showed how to achieve this. In this post, I will show how to use the action with Go.


May 16, 2022
Go Pointers - Using the & and * operators

I’ll be transparent. The purpose of this post is to help with my own understanding of the Go & and * operators. It’s going to be a very short post, and I’m going to try to explain the concepts in a way that I can understand. I’ve used these operators in C previously, but whenever I’m using them - I always end up having to remember the syntax / which operator is which / what they do. For whatever reason, it doesn’t always come intuitively to me.


May 1, 2022
Discussing the Cloud with Chris Integration Platform

In this session, Chris is joined by Karl Cooke, Blogger at Chris and Karl talk all about the integration platform, and the numerous automation/integration activities that Chris has in place to save time and focus on building content!


August 19, 2021
How I use Azure Integration Services on Cloud With Chris

I’ve written blog posts previously around Azure Service Bus vs Azure Storage Queues, as well as an introduction to Azure Logic Apps and how I used it at the time. Back then, my use-case was fairly rudimentary and focused on a specific scenario. In this blog post, I explain the changes that I have made and how I’ve used common cloud design / integration patterns to implement a more robust solution.


August 2, 2021
Azure Storage Queues vs Azure Service Bus Queues - Which should I use when?

I’ve recently been involved in a few integration focused discussions, where there is a requirement to bring together multiple separate systems. If you’ve been following the Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time series, then you’ll have heard Peter Piper repeat a common phrase - ‘High Cohesion, Low Coupling’.


July 13, 2021