Tales from the Real World - Azure AD B2C: A real silver bullet

Due to COVID-19, vOpen.Tech had to move so quickly from being a physical event to a virtual one. That meant that collecting registrations and user info as well as registering users had to be done online. Azure AD B2C was the silver bullet that allowed us to overcome and succeed, with almost no code and in less that 15 days! In this session we will see how easy, fast and cheap we can have a production-ready, fully scalable, robust and secure IAM PaaS system with Azure AD B2C.


August 6, 2021
How I use Azure Integration Services on Cloud With Chris

I’ve written blog posts previously around Azure Service Bus vs Azure Storage Queues, as well as an introduction to Azure Logic Apps and how I used it at the time. Back then, my use-case was fairly rudimentary and focused on a specific scenario. In this blog post, I explain the changes that I have made and how I’ve used common cloud design / integration patterns to implement a more robust solution.


August 2, 2021
Azure Storage Queues vs Azure Service Bus Queues - Which should I use when?

I’ve recently been involved in a few integration focused discussions, where there is a requirement to bring together multiple separate systems. If you’ve been following the Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time series, then you’ll have heard Peter Piper repeat a common phrase - ‘High Cohesion, Low Coupling’.


July 13, 2021
42 - How to choose the 'Right' Datastore for your scenario

There are so many types of data stores out there these days. You have relational, non-relational, documents, blob, tables, files and more. There’s also a growing awareness of ‘Polyglot Persistence’ where you use different data stores depending on the task. But how do you know which is the ‘right’ one? Chris is joined once again by Steph Martin as we talk through some of these types of datastores, and the factors that may help you in your decision!


July 9, 2021
CGN6 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 6 - Gaming as Entertainment - Esports and Streaming

Playing games has always been a social experience. Whether it’s board games, sports or video games - a multiplayer component is common. We see these experiences becoming forms of entertainment (e.g. watching our favourite sports teams compete). This trend continues into the Gaming Industry, as we see the growth of eSports in Gaming, as well as streamers regularly broadcasting over on YouTube and Twitch. Chris is joined by Lee Williams, as they talk through these trends and how Cloud has enabled this transition.


July 7, 2021
An introduction to Cloud, Azure and the Azure Portal

In this session, Chris will discuss some of the fundamental concepts of the Cloud and Azure, and providing an introductory walkthrough of the Azure Portal.


July 1, 2021
38 - Hands-on with The Geode Pattern (Build globally distributed applications!)

We’ve previously covered the theory of the Geode pattern in episode 11. Now it’s time to see it unfold live and in action! Tune in to see Will demonstrate the concept of the Geode pattern and how it adds value to a globally distributed application.


June 11, 2021
CGN5 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 5 - Building a game remotely

Over the last year, our world has changed. Many of us have had to work from home due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. In this session, we’ll focus on the Gaming Industry and some of the types of cloud tools/technologies that may have been used to continue their internal collaboration and ultimately deliver games to gamers!


June 2, 2021
Social Opinion with Jamie Maguire

In this session, Chris is joined by Jamie Maguire - Developer, Microsoft MVP (AI) & Pluralsight Author. Jamie shares how he built a SaaS (Software as a Service) in my own time using .NET and Azure. The platform lets you analyse Twitter, grow, maintain and manage your Twitter account. If you’ve considered building your own SaaS platform, then stay tuned for this episode!


May 14, 2021
CGN4 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 4 - Cross-platform social Sudoku with Azure PlayFab

Ever thought about what it takes to host a game in the Cloud? Well, this is the series for you! On the first Wednesday of every month, we explore Cloud Concepts that impact your journey to a connected multiplayer gaming experience! In this session, Chris is joined by Dominic who has recently been through the process of building his own game, Sudoku Social! Take the classic puzzle game and adding a cross-platform social twist with the cloud. Sudoku Social has been a passion project to learn game development and bring players together to answer the ultimate question. Who is the fastest Sudoku player?


May 5, 2021