IoT Simulation, Azure IoT and real world learnings

In this episode, Chris is joined by Peter Gallagher, Freelance Programmer for PJG Creations, Microsoft Azure MVP, Pluralsight Author… IoT Expert, proud dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser. Peter talks about the various IoT simulators available, Azure IoT and his experiences IoT across his career. If you’re a maker or interested in IoT, then this is one not to be missed!


July 16, 2021
V028 - Weekly Technology Vlog #28

In this session, Chris provides a series of updates focused around Azure, DevOps, GitHub and Cloud With Chris, while gaming with the Cloud Family Community.


July 11, 2021
CGN6 - Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 6 - Gaming as Entertainment - Esports and Streaming

Playing games has always been a social experience. Whether it’s board games, sports or video games - a multiplayer component is common. We see these experiences becoming forms of entertainment (e.g. watching our favourite sports teams compete). This trend continues into the Gaming Industry, as we see the growth of eSports in Gaming, as well as streamers regularly broadcasting over on YouTube and Twitch. Chris is joined by Lee Williams, as they talk through these trends and how Cloud has enabled this transition.


July 7, 2021
V027 - Weekly Technology Vlog #27

In this session, Chris provides a series of updates focused around Azure, DevOps, GitHub and Cloud With Chris. He also explores GitHub Copilot using Ruby and Python, looking into the potential that it has!


July 4, 2021
V026 - Sailing the Sea of Thieves while talking Cloud

In this session, Chris provides a series of updates focused around Azure, DevOps, GitHub and Cloud With Chris while sailing the seas with friends from the #CloudFamily Community. Like this episode? Please like the video, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell so that you know as soon as there’s new content!


June 27, 2021
V025 - Tech Roundup #25 (Sailing the seas on Sea of Thieves)

In this video, Chris sails the seas on Sea of Thieves with some interdispersed updates on Azure DevOps, Azure and GitHub. This sets the stage for a regular bi-weekly gaming session and tech update, with the other week being a usual technology update!


June 20, 2021
39 - A discussion with John Lunn

In this episode, Chris is joined by John Lunn, aka jonnychipz! An organizer of the Welsh Azure User Group, Blogger and Vlogger, Chris and John talk around 100 days of Cloud, Learning Cloud and Exam Certifications, Cloud Adoption and getting involved in the community. Wanted to start learning cloud, or getting more involved in the community? Then this may be a talk to follow!


June 18, 2021
Azure & VMWare - A Discussion with Shannon Kuehn

In this session, Chris is joined by Shannon Kuehn, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. In this Livestream, they talk all about, Azure and VMWare and what this combination means for your cloud deployments!


June 16, 2021
V024 - Weekly Technology Vlog #24

In this video, Chris provides another update on Cloud with Chris, updates on what’s coming soon and Azure related news!


June 14, 2021
Using the GitHub self-hosted runner and Azure Virtual Machines to login with a System Assigned Managed Identity

I recently started thinking about the typical setup process for a GitHub Action Workflow which will deploy into Azure. Typically, the process is to use the Azure/login GitHub Action, and then use the azure/cli or another Azure GitHub Action to deploy into GitHub. This is a nice approach. However, from my initial research - I wasn’t able to see a way use the Azure/login GitHub Action to deploy into Azure using a System Assigned Managed Identity. This got me wondering, is this possible?


June 14, 2021