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Cloud skills are getting increasingly important among developers, engineers but also among people working on the business side of IT projects. As more Azure datacenters are coming to the Nordics and more IT projects include Azure services, more IT professionals that understand Azure are needed. Being Azure-ready and having passed Azure certifications will increase your career opportunities dramatically. This DEVREAL episode will lead you on a path to taking your first Azure Certification. No matter if you are already using Azure, you will benefit from learning the full picture of Azure on a high level. This presentation will teach you all you need to know.


May 11, 2021
V019 - Weekly Technology Vlog #19

Welcome to weekly Vlog #19! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris!


May 9, 2021
Cloud Drops - Beginners guide to PowerShell in Azure Functions

Serverless computing is a cloud computing code execution model in which the cloud provider fully manages the infrastructure needed to serve requests. In this session, we will explain why and how we should use Azure Functions and PowerShell together, and we will show you how to deploy a PowerShell based Function. In some live demos, we will explain how to create a Function and execute some cool PowerShell code!


May 6, 2021
V018 - Weekly Technology Vlog #18

Welcome to weekly Vlog #18! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris! Chris also provides an update on the Hugo CrossPoster.


May 2, 2021
Introducing Logic Apps Preview

Following hot off the heels of my recent blog post introducing Logic Apps and how I use the technology on, I thought it made sense for the second post to continue the Logic Apps theme. This time, we’ll be focusing on Logic Apps preview (sometimes referred to as Logic Apps v2) - the evolution of Logic Apps. Typically when you deploy Logic Apps, you deploy it as a multi-tenanted service. There are some benefits to that, including the serverless capability, so being able to pay per execution rather than an overall infrastructure cost. But what if cost is less of a requirement for you? What if you care more about portability, greater performance, and ultimately control over your environment? If those are more along the lines of your requirements, then you may want to investigate the Logic Apps preview The Logic Apps preview builds upon the Azure Functions extensibility model. Yes, you read that right - Azure Logic Apps is effectively building on top of Azure Functions. Why should you care? Anywhere that Azure Functions can run, then Logic Apps can run.


April 28, 2021
V017 - Weekly Technology Vlog #17

Welcome to weekly Vlog #17! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris! Chris also covers a new pet project he’s been working on, the Hugo CrossPoster!


April 26, 2021
35 - A discussion on Azure Spring Cloud

Find out how you can leverage Azure Spring Cloud for running your Java spring boot applications on Azure. Chris is joined by Gitte Vermeiren as they talk through all things Azure Spring Cloud in this episode of Cloud With Chris!


April 23, 2021
Azure role-based access control (RBAC) at the data plane level

Principal of least privilege is a commonly used phrase within the Technology Industry. The idea is that we’ll assign permissions of what the user needs to get the job done, rather than anything broader or more privileged. This helps reduce the blast radius in the event of a compromised account. This stretches to Azure resources at the management plane, but in some cases can also stretch to the data plane of those resources. We’ll be exploring these further in this blog post.


April 21, 2021
V016 - Weekly Technology Vlog #16

In this video, Chris provides another update (Update #16!) on Cloud with Chris, updates on what’s coming soon and Azure, Azure DevOps and GitHub related news!


April 19, 2021
Getting started with Azure using Microsoft Learn

Often, I’m asked the question how do I get started with Azure? Are there any resources, tutorials, guides that you can recommend? I know about topic X, but how do I learn more? I’ve been working with, and continuously learning Azure over the past 7 years or so. When I started, the main resources were Microsoft Docs and community sites. Both great resorces, but there was a gap for a truly educational resource, rather than technical reference material. Enter Microsoft Learn.


April 19, 2021