V021 - Weekly Technology Vlog #21

In this video, chris provides another update on Cloud with Chris, updates on what’s coming soon and Azure related news!


May 23, 2021
Azure Static Web Apps are Generally Available

Great news! Azure Static Web Apps are now Generally Available! Just to provide some reassurance, Static Web Apps are a concept that I’m fairly passionate about. You may have seen this blog post on why I think JAMStack and the cloud are a great combination. You may have seen one of my many talks on how I use Hugo, Azure Storage, Azure CDN and GitHub to easily deploy a very cheap and scalable site into Azure. But hold on, if Azure Storage is an option already - Why am I so excited about the prospect of Azure Static Web Apps? Azure Static Web Apps offer so much more than just the hosting aspect!


May 19, 2021
V020 - Weekly Technology Vlog #20

Welcome to weekly Vlog #20! This one will start off focusing on Cloud with Chris, and a big thank you! Thank you for all of your support. It’s allowed me to hit my 2021 goal of 500 subscribers way ahead of schedule. We’ll be covering Cloud with Chris, and then the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps and GitHub!


May 16, 2021
Cloud Drops - Building an Event-Driven workflow with Event Grid

Have you heard about Azure Event Grid, but not exactly sure what it is or how you could use it? In this Cloud Drop, we’ll create an event-driven process using Azure Event Grid, Azure Storage Queues and Azure Functions. Get ready to learn all about Event-Driven workflows, Event-Handlers, Topics, Subscriptions and more!


May 15, 2021
Social Opinion with Jamie Maguire

In this session, Chris is joined by Jamie Maguire - Developer, Microsoft MVP (AI) & Pluralsight Author. Jamie shares how he built a SaaS (Software as a Service) in my own time using .NET and Azure. The platform lets you analyse Twitter, grow, maintain and manage your Twitter account. If you’ve considered building your own SaaS platform, then stay tuned for this episode!


May 14, 2021
Building an Event-Driven workflow with Event Grid

You may have heard of Event-Driven Architectures before, but haven’t had the chance to get hands-on and build one as yet. That’s exactly what we’ll be working through in this blog post!


May 12, 2021
Azure in a Nutshell | DEVREAL.io

Cloud skills are getting increasingly important among developers, engineers but also among people working on the business side of IT projects. As more Azure datacenters are coming to the Nordics and more IT projects include Azure services, more IT professionals that understand Azure are needed. Being Azure-ready and having passed Azure certifications will increase your career opportunities dramatically. This DEVREAL episode will lead you on a path to taking your first Azure Certification. No matter if you are already using Azure, you will benefit from learning the full picture of Azure on a high level. This presentation will teach you all you need to know.


May 11, 2021
V019 - Weekly Technology Vlog #19

Welcome to weekly Vlog #19! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris!


May 9, 2021
Cloud Drops - Beginners guide to PowerShell in Azure Functions

Serverless computing is a cloud computing code execution model in which the cloud provider fully manages the infrastructure needed to serve requests. In this session, we will explain why and how we should use Azure Functions and PowerShell together, and we will show you how to deploy a PowerShell based Function. In some live demos, we will explain how to create a Function and execute some cool PowerShell code!


May 6, 2021
V018 - Weekly Technology Vlog #18

Welcome to weekly Vlog #18! We’ll be covering the latest from Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub and Cloud with Chris! Chris also provides an update on the Hugo CrossPoster.


May 2, 2021