Using Azure Arc for Apps - Part 1 - Setting up an Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes Cluster

At Microsoft //Build 2021, Microsoft announced a series of updates relating to Cloud Native Applications anywhere. In summary, those updates refer to running Azure Services (such as App Services, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Event Grid and API Management) in any Kubernetes cluster which is managed by Azure Arc. That means you could have Azure App Services running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or in your on-premises Kubernetes deployment. This is a significant update, so I’ve decided that I’ll be writing a series of blog posts on the topic - as one post would not do the topic justice!


June 1, 2021
V022 - Weekly Technology Vlog #22

Welcome to weekly Vlog #22! We’ll be covering all of the latest from Microsoft Build!


May 30, 2021
Cloud Drops - Introduction to GitHub Codespaces

Have you ever had to setup a development environment from scratch? You have to install a ton of dependencies, probably a few tools along the way as well. It’s not fun, it takes a lot of time and it prevents you from being productive. This is where GitHub Codespaces comes in.


March 16, 2021
GitHub Codespaces, Visual Studio Code and Remote Containers

Imagine the scenario. You’re a developer and you need to go and build some code. You need to install a number of dependencies, a code editor and perhaps a number of frameworks, only to find the code still doesn’t compile on your machine. Probably because you’re missing some frameworks or libraries. We’ve all been there. But perhaps, we don’t have to be there. Stick around in this episode as we talk about Visual Studio Code, The Remote Containers Extension and GitHub Codespaces and how all of these can help solve that challenge.


January 8, 2021