Git and GitHub for the Data Professional

GitHub is just that tool which developers use on Open Source projects, right? Not quite! You could be using Github in your day-to-day work. Have you thought about storing your SQL scripts, or machine learning workbooks in Git repositories? How about checking the quality of the content that you’ve version controlled? Or thinking about the security of your project? These are all things that GitHub can help with! Join Chris in this session as he provides a holistic overview for data professionals on GitHub, GitHub Enterprise and GitHub Advanced Security.


September 14, 2022
42 - How to choose the 'Right' Datastore for your scenario

There are so many types of data stores out there these days. You have relational, non-relational, documents, blob, tables, files and more. There’s also a growing awareness of ‘Polyglot Persistence’ where you use different data stores depending on the task. But how do you know which is the ‘right’ one? Chris is joined once again by Steph Martin as we talk through some of these types of datastores, and the factors that may help you in your decision!


July 9, 2021
30 - The Cache Aside Pattern (Optimise your caching approach!)

Have you implemented caching within your application and need a better way to maintain consistency between your cache and datastore? Or maybe you haven’t adopted caching yet, and intrigued on what patterns you could use to do so? Then take a look in this session as Chris explores how caching can improve your access to information in your data store, using the cache aside pattern.


March 12, 2021
19 - The Event Sourcing, Materialized View and CQRS Patterns

The event sourcing pattern is a well-known pattern and has been around for some time. The idea is that you use an append-only store to record the full series of actions taken on the data. This combines well with the materialized view pattern, where a pre-populated view is generated over one (or more) data stores when the data isn’t in an ideal format for querying. These two patterns are common patterns used in an event-driven architecture. Join Chris and Steph as they talk about both of these patterns and how they may be able to help. This is another episode in the series of Architecting for the Cloud, one pattern at a time.


December 23, 2020