Building, Deploying and Observing SDKs as a Service

Maintaining and developing SDKs for a multiple of languages and platforms can be time consuming and laborious. While there are many ways to tackle such a feat, using open api spec, the biggest issue I’ve come across is generating SDKs that consume your service in a way that developers can use them. In this talk we are going to look at some ways to create your own customisable SDK generation service, Utilising openapi generator tools and ways to test against multiple language types.


November 10, 2022
Find vulns in your code before they find you

In this session, Chris is joined by DeveloperSteve Coochin, a Developer Advocate at Snyk. In this episode, Chris and Steve talk about vulns in the wild for a bit (well and to geek out in general), especially on the back of some research that Steve did recently on the likes of PHP. Steve has recently been looking into the security vulns that get let in without developers even knowing (Teaser: He was really surprised at some of them!)


August 18, 2021