Infrastructure as Code

ClickOps over GitOps

The delta between Kubernetes and a developer friendly PaaS is where the next layer of value is being created today. Many products are racing to fill the void that is called Kubernetes developer experience. This is also the place where things get opinionated, a requirement for reliable end to end workflows. In this talk you will learn about’s approach on how Kubernetes UIs can be quick to use, and safe at the same time. In this talk you will see how you can create a developer platform - with the usual components Cert-Manager, Nginx Ingress etc - and deploy on it with only clicking on a dashboard. You will also see that behind the curtains, all Gimlet does is writing yamls into a git repository. ClickOps.. over GitOps.


October 27, 2022
Introduction to Project Bicep - The evolution of ARM Templates

You may have heard about ARM Templates. You may have heard about Project Bicep. What are they, how do they differ? Why would I use one over the other? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring throughout this blog post!


June 18, 2021
AZ Community Roundtable - Ep.01 - Chris Reddington & Martin Therkelsen with host James Cook

On the first AZ Community Roundtable show, James Cook introduces himself for the first time as the host. After guest speakers Chris and Martin introduce themselves, James discusses Microsoft Build news on App Services adopting Cloud Native approach using Kubernetes so it can be used on other platforms. Martin talks about how infrastructure as Code is being adopted and it’s place currently in organisations. Chris brings up what individuals are looking for in DevOps tools, the features we enjoy and a quick talk on the Azure DevOps vs GitHub hot topic on social media.


June 1, 2021
31 - Deploying to Azure through Terraform Cloud

You may have heard of Terraform, but are you aware of Terraform Cloud or Terraform Enterprise? In this session, Chris will give a rundown of how he has used Terraform Cloud as the underlying engine to deploy some of his own projects onto Azure. Prepare to get meta as we even look how Terraform can help set up Terraform Cloud in this episode of Cloud with Chris!


March 19, 2021
V006 - Weekly Technology Vlog #6 (Recap, Coming Up and NEWS!)

In this video, Chris updates on cloud with Chris from the recent week, and what’s coming up over the next week (Azureish Live, another blog post and The Pipes & Filter / Priority Queues patterns). We then explore the most recent updates from Azure Updates, Azure Architecture Center, Azure DevOps Blog and GitHub Blog. There are some good updates on Project Bicep, Delivery Plans 2.0. and a whole host of Azure updates this week!


February 8, 2021
GitHub Actions and Azure - Deploying ARM templates with GitHub Actions

Have an application that you want to deploy to Azure in an automated way? Well, before we deploy the application code, we need some Azure Infrastructure for it to run on. In this video, we have you covered on how to deploy that infrastructure!


December 2, 2020