Enqueue and Dequeue messages locally with dapr, Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage Queues

In a previous blog post, I provided an overview of the Distributed Application Runtime (dapr) and explained how it is a useful framework when building microservices. In this blog post, I will show you how to use dapr to enqueue and dequeue messages locally with Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage Queues.


April 26, 2022
LunchBytes Series 1 Episode 3: Azure Arc for Application Services

Azure Arc extends the use of Azure Services beyond the Azure cloud. With Azure Arc you are able to deploy and monitor Azure services in your own datacentres or other cloud providers. This event will focus on Azure Application Services and how they can be deployed outside of Azure through Kubernetes with Azure Arc.


March 23, 2022
Introduction to The Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr)

In this post, we’re going to explore the Open Source project known as Dapr (The Distributed Application Runtime). This post is primarily aimed at those who already have an understanding of Containers, Kubernetes and Microservices. However, if you’re not familiar with these topics - I’ll do my best to set the right context and background without making the blog too lengthy!


January 13, 2022
44 - AKS, AGIC and Kubenet - Tips and tricks to make it work

When using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), there’s a chance that kubenet might be the only possible choice due to your requirements. If so, you may still want to use Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC) to leverage Azure Application Gateway’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities. In this session, we will make the journey together to have a working AGIC in an AKS cluster with kubenet and managed identities.


August 13, 2021
Introducing the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF)

Inspired by the recent episode with Annie Talvasto, I wanted to put together a blog post that will introduce an ongoing series on Cloud With Chris. Before we introduce that series though, it’s important that we first introduce the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (more commonly known as CNCF).


July 5, 2021
Top new CNCF projects to look out for

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) bought you such fan favourites like Kubernetes & Prometheus. In this talk Annie Talvasto will introduce you the most interesting and coolest upcoming CNCF tools and projects. This compact and demo-filled talk will give you ideas and inspiration that you can 1) discover new technologies and tools to use in your future projects as well as 2) be the coolest kid in the block, by being up to date with the latest and greatest.


June 30, 2021
Using Azure Arc for Apps - Part 6 - Setting up Event Grid on Kubernetes with Azure Arc

In part 1 of this Using Azure Arc for Apps series, we explored Azure Arc and Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters. In this post, we’ll be exploring Event Grid for Kubernetes. At time of writing, this approach is in public preview, so we may see certain limitations / features that are not yet available.


June 10, 2021
Using Azure Arc for Apps - Part 3 - Deploying Azure Functions into an App Service Kubernetes Environment

In part 1 of this Using Azure Arc for Apps series, we explored Azure Arc and Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters. In part 2, we deployed an App Service Kubernetes Environment into our Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes cluster. As you’ll likely be aware, both Azure Functions (this blog post) and Azure Logic Apps (the next blog post) can run on Azure App Service. The same is true of an App Service Kubernetes Environment, we can run App Services, Logic Apps and Azure Functions.


June 2, 2021