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Azure in a Nutshell | DEVREAL.io

Cloud skills are getting increasingly important among developers, engineers but also among people working on the business side of IT projects. As more Azure datacenters are coming to the Nordics and more IT projects include Azure services, more IT professionals that understand Azure are needed. Being Azure-ready and having passed Azure certifications will increase your career opportunities dramatically. This DEVREAL episode will lead you on a path to taking your first Azure Certification. No matter if you are already using Azure, you will benefit from learning the full picture of Azure on a high level. This presentation will teach you all you need to know.


May 11, 2021
Cloud Drops - Using Microsoft Learn to get started with Azure

Have you wanted to get started learning Azure, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Then you need to check out Microsoft Learn! Microsoft Learn is a hub for learning content, including modules and learning paths, information around the official Microsoft certifications, and a curated video platform called learn tv.


April 5, 2021
Jonnychipz - In Conversation with Chris Reddington

Mr Chris Reddington talks to us about his life as a Microsoft Azure Fast Track Engineer and some of the pain points he helps Customer navigate. We discuss DevOps and Infrastructure as Code as well as key skills needed for this modern IT world we now live in and more!


February 19, 2021