Why even care about Developer Velocity?

Have you heard about the term Developer Velocity, and wondered why it even matters for you? Join Steph and Chris as they run through Microsoft’s transformation from shipping boxed products to always-on online services. Developer Velocity is a critical part of that journey to ensure the teams can keep delivering value to their end users at scale. In this session, you will learn about some of the tips & tricks that Microsoft used along the way.


May 4, 2022
Things to Consider Before Migrating Old .NET Applications to Cloud

Jonah Andersson shares her past experience and important lessons learned about migrating and developing old .NET applications to the Azure cloud. Find out how that project turn into a fiasco not because of Azure but of other factors. Never make the same mistakes.


March 17, 2022
Azure Quantum & Microsoft Q#

You’ve probably heard about quantum computing, but it still remains a mystery? In this session, Chris is joined by Johnny Hooybergs who will explain important concepts like qubits, superposition and entanglement and how quantum computing can hopefully help us to solve exponentially large problems. Some theoretical knowledge about quantum physics, quantum gates and quantum algorithms will be combined with examples using a simulated environment on a local PC and on real quantum hardware using Azure Quantum. Most of these examples will use the new quantum language Q# from Microsoft and some additional examples will use Python to solve optimization problems using the Azure Quantum Inspired Optimization (QIO).


March 3, 2022