Automate Azure Role Based Access Control (RBAC) using Github

Technical discussion on how to automate and maintain custom RBAC role definitions in Azure using GitHub actions.


August 25, 2022
Introduction to Logic Apps

Many years ago, I wrote a blog post which introduced Logic Apps at a very high level when they were initially released. Ahead of a blog post that I want to write on Logic Apps v2, I thought that it may be worth writing a more thorough recap of Logic Apps as a platform. Logic Apps is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, which allows you to easily build visual workflow integrations. Whether that’s plumbing several microservices together, entirely different solutions within an enterprise, or some of the repetitive backend administrative tasks for a podcast or blog site, Logic Apps may be worth exploring.


April 26, 2021
Azure role-based access control (RBAC) at the data plane level

Principal of least privilege is a commonly used phrase within the Technology Industry. The idea is that we’ll assign permissions of what the user needs to get the job done, rather than anything broader or more privileged. This helps reduce the blast radius in the event of a compromised account. This stretches to Azure resources at the management plane, but in some cases can also stretch to the data plane of those resources. We’ll be exploring these further in this blog post.


April 21, 2021
Azure Scaffold - Governance Recommendations

Cloud Governance seems to have come up a few times over the past few weeks, so I wanted to post a short, sharp blog about it!


February 25, 2017