Beyond Monitoring: The Rise of Observability Platform

System availability and performance are not stand-alone goals hence non-availability and under-performance of applications and systems in IT landscape will negatively affect user experience and customer satisfaction causing revenue losses for organizations.


October 18, 2022
Policy as [versioned] code - you're doing it wrong

In this talk Chris will trace back the origins of how policies are often incepted, how it can get out of hand, be slow if not impossible to update and measure compliance, and often lead us to question of is the policy helping or hindering? You’ll learn how to use product ways of thinking towards how your organization can manage policy; achieve continual updates to policy allowing the risk mitigations to move as fast as the risk does, not get in the way and be easy to measure compliance.


September 15, 2022
Software rotting and why you need to change your approach to security

A new phenomenon stand out in recent years: security must pervade the entire software development lifecycle. Except it isn’t. Current generation of processes and tools is lacking crucial features to properly manage modern security risks. Think of the Log4J event. Were you able to identify all affected components? Were they internally developed, or you need a vendor support? How fast you were able to deliver a fix? In this talk we’ll explore the challenges, what you can do with current tools, and which gaps should be addressed by communities through better practices and new tools.


August 18, 2022
Code is Read

What separates the highly-skilled developer from the one fresh out of college? Why is it that some developer’s code is far easier to maintain and others are nearly impossible to decipher? Both boil down fundamentally to whether you can easily understand the ideas and intent conveyed in their code. So what makes for easily understood code? There are some communication principles we can apply to our code to make it cheaper to change, and faster to understand. After all Code is read more often than it is written. It ought to be easy to read!


August 11, 2022