Static sites

Choosing between Azure Static Web Apps and Static sites on Azure Storage

If you’ve seen any of my community talks, then you’ll be aware that Static sites and the Static Content Hosting Pattern is a passion area of mine. In Azure, there are a couple of great services that stand out when building towards this approach. These are Azure Static Web Apps and the Static sites functionality in Azure Blob Storage. But, which one is right for your scenario? Read on to find out more.


July 28, 2021
Deploying Static Sites to Azure the cheap and performant way

Did you know that static content can help you build performant sites that easily scale globally? Better yet, they can be incredibly cost-effective! Join Chris, as he talks through JAMstack (not related to Paddington bear - I promise!) and why you should care about it, Static Site Generators such as Hugo, Azure Hosting Options - Azure Storage vs Azure Static Web Apps and Combining Static sites with Serverless APIs