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ToolUp Days #14

ToolUp Days is all about showing the thought process and decisions made when creating an application. Join Chris and Matt as they build a new application from the ground up, including development processes, tooling, service choices and architectural decisions!


October 7, 2022
Beyond Monitoring: The Rise of Observability Platform

System availability and performance are not stand-alone goals hence non-availability and under-performance of applications and systems in IT landscape will negatively affect user experience and customer satisfaction causing revenue losses for organizations.


October 10, 2022
Chaos Engineering for Cloud native Apps

Improve application resilience with chaos testing by deliberately introducing faults that simulate real-world outages. Azure Chaos Studio Preview / AWS Fault Injection Simulator is a fully managed chaos engineering experimentation platform for accelerating discovery of hard-to-find problems, from late-stage development through production. Disrupt your apps intentionally to identify gaps and plan mitigations before your customers are impacted by a problem.


October 13, 2022
Mental Health in Tech - Improving Mental Wellness

Professionals in Technology often push themselves to a breaking point with the pace at which we work. Given the stress of the workplace in all times, but especially in the current state, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy mind as it’s our most important resource. Let’s discuss ways we can begin to engage and talk more about mental wellness, learn strategies as leaders, and identify resources both for ourselves and our teams.


October 20, 2022
The future of SaaS architecture

With companies using myriad microservices for various functions, maintaining the states of each microservice becomes a headache. Imagine thousands of microservices running in parallel, written in different languages. How do you orchestrate this for a seamless, scaleable developer experience?


November 8, 2022